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Grand Final

West Coast 8.13.61 lost to Hawthorn 16.11.107


Declan Fay on seeing West Coast and Hawthorn battle it out when he was a kid – back in 1987.
The Wrap

The Ultimate (Australian) Wool Team

The Almanac is in the process of selecting an All-Australian team of footballers who have had a close association with the wool industry. To date we have put together regional squads from which we have selected four teams:

The Victorian Wool Team
The South Australian Wool Team
The Western Australian Wool Team
The Riverina Wool Team

Also, have a look at our Old Woollen Footy Jumpers series.

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Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Grand Excuses

West Coast Eagle Matt Quartermaine wants to know what you really feel about the Hawthorn premiership. He lets us know how he does.

2015 AFL Grand Final – The Final (Ever?) Wrap.

The Wrap draws the curtain on both 2015 and 13 illustrious seasons of output from The Wrapcave. The Wrap looks back on the 2015 Grand Final and, like just about all of us, looks on in awe at the Hawthorn machine. [A lap of the G in the back of a sponsor’s ute on Grand Final day? Say it ‘aint so Wrap!?!? – Ed]

Era, era on the wall, which was the greatest of them all?

Wondering how to get your footy fix until next April? In the first of a nine-part series, Jeff Dowsing has scoured the history books looking at Footy ‘then’ to understand footy ‘now’. While this series has a distinctly VFL focus, the question remains: has much really changed in footy?

2015 Grand Final – Hawthorn v West Coast: They’re the Mighty Flying Hawks

Like ’em and loathe ’em, there is no denying that Clarko and the Hawks are among the greats. [And doesn’t miss the Eagles on his way through, either. – Ed]

The Nathan Fyfe Appreciation Day holiday

A wonderful reflection on the career (to date) of one Fyfe, N. A skinny kid from Lake Grace who has blossomed into a bona-fide great of the game from a Dockers fan embedded behind enemy lines in Victoria.

2015 Grand Final – Hawthorn v West Coast: Great Hope part 2.

The Grand Final experience through metaphor. Old mate Rabonzo experiences the joy of victory and the importance of humility.

Ten things we learnt (or were reminded of) in the 2015 AFL finals series

Steve Fahey on the ten things we learnt (or were reminded of) during this finals series.

NRL Grand Final – Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys: The Greatest Grand Final of All Time

Wayne Ball tells the story of what he thinks is the greatest Grand Final of all time.

Close but not close enough: a review of North Melbourne’s season

Philip Mendes looks at the Kangaroos’ 2015 season. While there was plenty to like, Phil thinks the Roos need to make some changes to go the next step in 2016.

Grand Final – It’s bloody hard to win away from home

In the lead-up to today’s Grand Final Declan Fay remembers life as a Hawks fan living in exile in Perth in the late ’80s. He tells the story of going to a game the Eagles won by a point. He was seven. He’s a lot older now and in New York. [Perfect prep for the grand Final – Ed]

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week VI

Mr Wrap previews the AFL Grand Final and reviews Brownlow Medal night.

Almanac music: When Morrissey met Maria

New Zealand writer Maria Majsa recalls the moment she met Morrissey.

He smiled, stared at his shoes and said Hello. He looked so pale and young. I said Hi in a voice I didn’t recognise.

Finals Week 3 – Fremantle v Hawthorn: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Come along with Trucker Slim. He’s survived the Freo experience. And here he draws upon the dreams and inspiration of Otis Redding, Suicide and Crowded House for the Big Dance…

No ticket no worries

After a slow start, Matt Watson has now attended many Grand Finals in many and varied guises. Bt this year he will be watching from a pub somewhere in Melbourne.

Ramblings from the Oche – Part II

Wonderful reflection on a lot more than darts and sport. [I wasn’t expecting this when I started reading – Ed]

Eagles versus Hawthorn – youth versus experience

In the big one, is there an advantage in having youth on your side? And a lack of fear of defeat?

Mauritian AFL team fails to take flight – A Metaphor

From the team at World Footy News: While the AFL is directing a vast amount of resources at Sydney’s west and the Gold Coast, and given that Canberra has a League and Rugby presence in the national capitol, this is a really interesting perspective and food for thought from a year 12 student in the ACT about the avenues for growing Australian rules football.

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Junior Almanac – Thank You

Young Josh Coales has impressed a few of us this year with his love of writing. Or, to be more precise, his love of writing about the Purple Haze. As the 2015 season comes to a close, Josh pens an open letter of thanks to everyone at The Footy Almanac.

Everything (and more) that you wanted to know about the West Coast Eagles 2015 but were afraid to ask

Peter Baulderstone is sick of the endless drivel from the Melbourne media about the Hawks dynasty. Last years rooster is this year’s Tony Abbott. He channels popular culture to explain the glorious Eagles team and playing style to the uninformed Eastern States observer.