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After a win Sean Curtain

After a win (Hawthorn Citz Under 12s final round 2012) Photo by Sean Curtain


ROAD TRIP to Minyip-Murtoa FC, as they turn on their new lights. May 3-4 (staying overnight). Evening match v Horsham Demons.  If you are interested in joining in contact us at


Footy Almanac PODCAST Episode 2 with The People’s Elbow, Matt Quartermaine, Steve Baker and Wandering Norton. LISTEN NOW.


AFL Round 5 Reports

Brisbane v Richmond
Collingwood v North Melbourne
Essendon v St Kilda
Adelaide v GWS
West Coast v Port Adelaide
Melbourne v Gold Coast
Western Bulldogs v Carlton
Geelong v Hawthorn

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ANZAC Eve: Tigers and Dees

This is a classic Australian Story from Chris Daley. [Makes you realise the interconnectedness of people, sport, war]

VFL Round 5 (1933!) – St Kilda v South Melbourne: The Junction Oval – looking back

Rob Heath returns to the fray with this Round 5 match report – from 1933! St Kilda v South, which gets him thinking about the Junction Oval. [Excellent historical yarn - Ed]

AFL Round 5: How about a nine-day week and footy on every day? Nope.

Fearless reviews the Easter round.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 2

The People’s Elbow, Matt Quartermaine, Jake ‘Wandering’ Norton and Steve Baker are joined by this week’s special guest panelist Tony Moclair. Well, to chat really.

AFL Round 5- Collingwood v North Melbourne: Easter Back at the ‘Bool

An Easter trip back to his hometown of Warrnambool sees Andrew Starkie reminiscing about past Old Collegian glory whilst watching North Melbourne go down to the Pies at Mac’s Hotel. He still loves home and the smell of the hot cross buns.

Crio’s Racing: ANZAC punt

Crio with some thoughts on Sydney and Adelaide. Not much for Flemington and Sandown where the most important question will be “Going to the ‘Bool?”

Top 100 World Cup Moments (From the Aussie P.O.V.): 56-Mussolini’s ‘Italians’ Win the First Cup For Europe (1934)

Dennis Gedling’s latest soccer World Cup instalment sees Italy host the second edition of the tournament in 1934 and win the title with a team full of Argentines amidst a tense political environment in Europe.

Local Ground

Kate Birrell is part of a dob in the park which the kids turn into far more than kick to kick. And a red moon for the walk home. [What Haiku Bob would give for a red moon - Ed]

Re-writing the laws of Maths: The bare-faced cheek and bulldust spin doctoring about names on jumpers

Maths is an exact science, says Sean Curtain. He’s not fussed either way by player names on the back of jumpers, but doesn’t like being bulldusted to by the AFL.

Mascot Masquerading

The AFL has become all about process. Even insofar as the employment of club mascots is concerned. This is mind-boggling, and very funny. Ged McMahon is in the running to be the Bombers’ mascot. [Love the encore with your beloved - Ed]

Avoca Races, Anzac Day 2014

Before Glen goes off to the races, he shares some thoughts on ANZAC Day.

AFL Round 5 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Dear Brad…

Dear Brad, Please understand me when I say that it has been so difficult for me to put pen to paper. But having had four days to reflect on just the state of our relationship, I have come to the conclusion that it is past the point of having a hearts to hearts. It is [Read more]

AFL Round 5 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Buffalo Girls take a break

John Butler watches his Blues take on the Doggies. Its the Globetrotters vs the Generals with “Sweet” Robbie Warnock leading the charge.

AFL Round 4 – Port Adelaide v Brisbane: The Power to end hunger

Mike D reports on the Round 4 clash at Adelaide Oval. A new ground means new traditions and a new hunger in the Port faithful.

The 2014 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Five

Earl uses all technology at hand to help predict the final 8.

Confessions of a Smart Arse – My Brilliant (Game Show) Career: Episode 2 – Wheel of (Mis)Fortune – It’s A Shame About Rae

Swish’s journey as a smart arse affords him time with the great J. Burgess and A. Xenides. But where does fortune take him?

Round 5 – West Coast v Port Adelaide: The South Sea Bubble

Peter Baulderstone is not happy: with his side; with their effort; with the umpires. Lucky he is hiding in New Zealand.

Top 100 World Cup Moments (From the Aussie P.O.V.): 54-Heaven For Owen. Hell For Beckham (1998)

The English can always find a way to disappoint.

Crio’s Question: Forget the national anthem

There are concert halls for concerts and Moomba for parades. At footy, Crio expects footy.

AFL Round 5 – Geelong v Hawthorn: It’s All About Feng Shui

Dennis Gedling knows what will lead to an Easter Monday win – an exact replay of his matchday routine from every previous Easter Monday. Watching a Geelong v Hawthorn game sober is hell, but he’ll take one for the team.