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Best footballers to have an association with the wool industry

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Crio’s Racing: Sydney money trumps Melbourne tradition

What’s happened? The Labour Day weekend was once racing royalty in Melbourne. The Adelaide Cup was a “big event”. And Sydney used to wait it’s turn. Guineas features on the eastern seaboard and racing all around the country. Tips please.

Revenge Of The Nerds: The Rise of Cricket’s New Generation Of Critics

Brutas Mudcake explains the fresh young voice of Australian cricket which is trying to do what, he argues, the older generation of broadcasters and writers have forgotten to do: respect the intelligence of the audience and be less Oi Oi Oi. Except for their spiritual leader, Godfather Gideon Haigh. They are the Geek Pack. Who are they? And what are they trying to do? [This is another important article from a younger writer which, like Geoff Lemon’s piece, shows why dinosaur thinking is actually damaging the game – Ed]

Almanac Music: The Selection Panel – Iron Maiden: Di’Anno or Dickinson

Another musical selection dilemma presented to the committee for consideration. Today, we look at Iron Maiden and their brilliant vocalists, Bruce Dickinson and Paul Di’Anno.

North Melbourne Season Preview – 2015

After a summer of lists and best of’s that generated plenty of discussion, the Mendes boys – Philip and Lucas – return with a comprehensive preview of North’s chances in 2015.   Strengths: Much greater depth than in previous seasons. North arguably have 30 players who are proven at AFL level. Youngsters are pushing up [Read more]

A Barracker’s Guide to Footy Survival

Old mate Joe Moore presents your one-stop guide to surviving a football match. What to eat, what to wear, what to drink and who to listen to – it’s all here.

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2015 ICC World Cup: Proteas Gain Momentum

Kieran Deck was at Manuka Oval to watch South Africa strut their stuff against the Irish. While the focus for local fans has been on the local lads and the Kiwis, the South Africans are displaying some ominous form, suggests Kieran.

Play On returns

John Harms’s omnibus Play On – made up of Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter and Loose Men Everywhere – has been out of print for nearly a decade. Recent (unlikely) events have motivated him to right that situation, so that Play On will soon be available again. Here’s the story. And how you can buy the book and support the Almanac at the same time – it’s available through our Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

Afghanistan: making us think about cricket

Max Wiggins (aged 15) tells the story of Afghanistan’s first victory in the ICC World Cup, placing the moment in its broader historical and social context. [Max has researched and written this story while on work experience at Almanac headquarters. His second piece will be published on Friday – JTH]

2001 – The Almost (Where’s SA and Tas?) All Australian SSA Team – A HAL of a Side

For those you who may have forgotten what Jordan Lewis looks like without the trademark three-day growth…

2015 ICC world Cup: “Two Drunks Walk Onto a pitch…”

Amidst the Kiwi’s huge sigh of relief and the Australians left to ponder what could have been after Saturday’s cracking ICC World Cup match at Eden Park, John Butler argues that there’s little to come out of this match that would have the South African’s or the Indian losing much sleep.

Pre-Season 2015: Swans in the Suburbs

A week out from their NAB Challenge match against Brisbane, the Swans headed to Henson Park, Marrickvile for intra-club hit out. It was the perfect Friday night for Mathilde de Hauteclocque and the Cygnet.

NTFL: Semi-final wrap-up

It’s the pointy end at the Top End with St Mary’s dominating once more. Will S Milne capture that elusive Saints flag?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Round 19 of the A-League

Denis Gedling didn’t have to look far for examples of all three in Round 19.

Big Things are Afoot at The Footy Almanac (With thanks to Bill and Ted)

We’re gearing up for some exciting developments at the Almanac, and it all kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday).


Who was your favourite professional wrestler and what were some of the more memorable holds? Wrestling is a language, can’t you read?

Crio’s Q? : Classic Racing Programs

TVN is about to formally pull the plug on its broadcast operations. Crio recalls the demise of some other great shows with a focus on the sport of Kings.

They Don’t Make Them Like This Bloke Anymore.

Terms like legend and great man get thrown around too easily these days, but Dips O’Donnell had the chance to knock off a few Crownies with a genuine legend and a bona-fide great man: Lunching with the Almanac’s favourite Gadabout.

It’s As Easy As A,B,deV.

Could there be a finer way to introduce the next generation to one-day cricket than to have them see Abraham Benjamin de Villiers blistering 162 not-out and the South African dismantling of the West Indies as your first live ODI? Steve Duffy took his son to the SCG last week for AB’s 50-Over batting masterclass.

Celebrating Essendon’s Back to Back Flags

Ahead of their 30th Anniversary and reunion celebrations later this year, Wesley Hull recalls a time of great joy for many Essendon fans: the back-to-back years of 1984 and 1985. [I still tear up in joy watching Leon Baker’s blind turn goal in the last quarter that starts the comeback avalanche! – Ed]