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Best footballers to have an association with the wool industry

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First Contact – Part 2: A lesson in dehumanisation.

Arabella Douglas watched the second part of First Contact. This is her response. [Another powerfully instructive piece – Ed]

Inside the closed head injury

The serious head injury to cricketer Phil Hughes has shocked everyone and sparked a range of responses. David Wilson has previously shared his experience with serious head injury in a car accident (he counts his recovery as the “luckiest of the lucky”) and offers some personal, clinical and philosophical insights into the journey.

Captaining AFL Clubs

Yoshi (from Japan) looks at the recent movements of players and the decisions clubs have made in naming their captains.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Round 7 of the A-League

Dennis Gedling reports in with the wash-up of Round 7 in the A-League.

Send Lawyers, Drugs and Money – the Eagles hit the fan

Peter Baulderstone is angry with the continued post-career implosion of the lives of star Eagles. Is there a better way of guiding the futures of one-dimensional on-field warriors? Contributions welcomed.

Au revoir, ANZ Stadium

Joe Moore, fresh from his trip south, responds to the decision to drop Homebush as a Swans venue withdancing in the aisles (or memories of, at least).

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 1)

E.regnans has found a couple of sporting commentators to express our rage at the destruction of our “once great game” (pick one).

In Bob we trust

Rees Quilford has spent a lifetime stalking Bob Murphy. It has filled him with confidence that the kennel is in good hands with it’s new Top Dog.

A tall story – should ruckmen bother turning up to draft night?

Dave Brown runs the ruler (pun intended – Ed.) over the role of tall players in the AFL. Pure ruckman, pinch hitter or key position player? Can you pick ruck talent at 17?

Mariners’ predicament represents new era of A-League expansion

Tom Riordan sees a square peg in Gosford’s Central Coast Mariners, and a round hole in FFA’s stated policy on viable cities. Central Coast has done well, but what will the future hold?

Crio’s Question: Which other team best fits your AFL team?

Crio wonders which teams from other sports best align with those of our AFL? While it’s off season for the AFL, there’s plenty of supporting to do.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 7): That Pompeii feeling

Callum O’Connor and the Lower Plenty Thirds are defending 9/247. Would it be enough? Is cricket a batsman’s or a bowler’s game? What happens if the Lalor Stars read Callum’s match report midweek? Would Vesuvius erupt?

Lou: Mentality

Lou is fielding comments from his customers.

Short film about intellectual disability footy

Jesse Maskell’s latest short film is a five minute documentary about intellectual disability football. The five minute film focuses, in an understated way, on the Williamstown Seagulls team and the final weeks of their 2014 season.

NTFL Round 8 Wrap-up

Thrillers and blowouts as the mercury rises up North. Jackson Clark brings the full weekend’s summary from the Northern Territory

The Eye of the Tiger

Tess Pryor makes her Almanac debut with a beaut story of not being tooted by the great man: Richo. [Welcome Tess – Ed]

Radio Birdman 2014

Earl O’Neill on Radio Birdman. [I can imagine Earl en route to the gig – Ed]


Tony Robb argues that it’s time for revolution in the genteel sport of golf. He’s got a few ideas.

Sports and Tourism

Yoshi Imagawa mixes sport and tourism to reveal the delights of Sapporo, Melbourne and New Zealand. Sapporo’s beer museum should attract many Australian visitors.

The Footy Almanac 2014 Launch in Melbourne (it was a beauty)

The Melbourne launch of The Footy Almanac 2014 lived up to expectations. A lively crowd loved hearing Enzo Spangher’s stories as he gave the book his blessing.